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Taper Pointed Air Rods

Air termination Network is the point of connection of lightning strikes to the protection system and taper pointed Air Rods are used for this application. These can be used with or without multipoint, however, researchers conducted in this regard suggest the use of multiple points with taper air rods are more effective than only taper air rods.
The Taper pointed Air Rods on one side have to taper of less than 5 deg. For a perfect taper fit with multipoint and on the other side has suitable threads for fixing into the terminal base, flat saddle, Ridge Saddle, Air Rod Base, Rod Brackets and Air Rod Couplings.
DCRP Approved product as per customer requirement.

Bare Copper Tape

The main important component of any Earthing or Lightning protection system is the actual conductor. Our Bare Copper Tape is manufactured from the finest quality cathodes of purity 99.99%. These Tapes is Annealed for ease of use with radiused edges and are Oxygen free ( Oxygen 5ppm)
DCRP Approved product as per customer requirement.

Lighting arrester Accessories for fixing

A)Square Tape Clamp B) Multi-Purpose Clamps C) Interface Test and Junction Clamps D) Plastic Wall Plugs E) Round Head Nails F) Heavy-duty caste cable saddle
G) Multi-purpose clamps. H) Tape Clip I) DC Tape Clip J) Solid Circular conductors. K) Multi-point thread head. L) Air terminal base.