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Metering System

Landis+Gyr E570 CT Meter
E570 is a smart-transformer-connected commercial electricity meter suitable for low and medium voltage applications. The meter provides extensive functionality in key areas of metering: power quality, anti-tampering, security, billing data protection, and outage support.

E570 is tailored to specific utilities’ needs, such as powerful automated meter reading, power quality measurement, low and medium voltage transformer monitoring as well as load and demand control. The extensive registration concept combined with large storage capacity produces a comprehensive collection of smart data that delivers actionable insights for energy companies. The multi-energy gateway functionality for gas, heat and water meter reading further enhances the outstanding capabilities of E570 for centralized smart energy management.

Landis+Gyr E650 CT Meter
The E650 meter from Landis+Gyr is a leading meter for maximum performance in industrial, commercial and smart grid applications. E650 offers high accuracy and long-term stability in energy measurement and all operational conditions. It features an exceptional measurement system for all networks with flexible adaptation possibilities to special requirements. An optimal data flow is achieved through the integrated communication interface or via the Plug-&-Play Landis+Gyr E65C communication modules. The devices can be easily upgraded for future market and industry needs, thus securing your investment. The E650 is proven in field operations with over 2 million devices installed across 80 countries.


focus on users of energy in homes and workplaces to help reduce energy waste and to reduce the cost of energy delivered to its users.

Residential Smart Meters

Interoperable devices for immediate connection to smart grids and smarter utility companies. Several models cover all application topologies and ensure that your data flows freely and securely. These premium meters are industrial strength but designed especially for residential needs.

T210-D | Three-Phase Smart Meter

(Direct Connection)
Multi-Energies management Standards Communication Protocols (DLMS, PLC-G3,…) DLMS Security Suites 0 and 1 (ready Suite 2) CENELEC A and FCC bands compliance Customs and IDIS Standard Data models MID and international IEC certified Fraud detections


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