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Cable Tray

Outdoor and Indoor applications can be used with power cable and bulk quantity cable with and without cover. Size can be 200 mm to 900 mm even more.

Copper Tube

Copper Tube in Line Connectors (LONG BARREL CABLE CONNECTORS) Copper Tube in Line Connectors ( Ferrules ):- Un-insulated heavy-duty terminals suitable for power cables up to 1000 volts. All terminals are manufactured from 99 .5% copper and fully annealed to ensure optimum ductility to avoid severe deformation such as cracking and splitting when crimped

Bimetallic PG Clamp

2 & 3 bolts bimetallic pg clamp are available for cable conductor, copper, and aluminum bimetallic PG Clamps are designed to connect aluminum conductors and copper conductors.

Four Hole Transformer Cable Lugs

Heavy Duty lugs for transformer application, Facilitates good heat Dissipation, With inspection hole to ensure full cable insertion.

Light Duty Cable Lugs

Durable lugs for light-duty application. With an inspection hole to ensure full cable insertion. Tin plated copper lugs to improve electrical conductivity and avoid oxidation of copper. Annealed material optimizes material and crimping properties.

Cast Resin Cable Joints

Resin cable joints are suitable for low voltage jointing of cables with XLPE. 3M hazardous area resin cable joints are surrounded within a specialized joint shell once the joint has been completed electrically, which is flame retardant, hydrocarbon resistant and halogen-free.

Resin Cable Joints

FILOFORM STRAIGHT CABLE JOINTS Cable joints used for the connection, repair, and jointing of power cables in a straight or inline configuration. Resin cast straight cable joints can be used to joint polymeric (XLPE EPR), plastic and paper insulated (PILC) low voltage cables – cable joints can be uprated to suit 3.3kV cables.

Three Cores Outdoor Joints

Three cores outdoor joints heat shrinkable cable terminations

LVTM - LV Termination Kits

• UV Resistant (includes covering for phase and neutral conductors)
• Voltage class 1kV
• Temperature range -40°C to 120°C
• Indoor or outdoor use
• Full range of terminations available