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Glass Filled ABS Molded Current Transformers

Precise has come out with Glass-filled ABS molded with flame retardant quality CT s. Advantages of these CT s over resin cast CT s are as follows:

• High cost-effective
• Very compact in size
• Flame retardant
• High temperature withstand capacity
• With intricate shapes for busbars as well as cable mounting

1. Terminals are finger proof touch as per IEC class, i.e. it is not possible to touch live terminals with the fingers since they are shrouded. CT s are ultrasonically welded. 2. CT s are unbreakable. And can withstand. 3. A drop test of 10ft.. 4. They are available having very attractive aesthetically designed CT covers. 5. CT s come with its own mounting arrangement


• Polycarbonate is a durable material
• High Impact resistance
• Low scratch resistance
• Usable in a wider temperature range
• Compact in size compared to resin cast CT’s
• Requires less cycle time compared to resin hence faster delivery.